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Guest Lectures

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Guest lecture Details

Sr.No Name of Resource Person Designation Topic Covered Class Date
1 Dr. R.R.Somani Professor VES College of Pharmacy, Mumbai Structural Elucidation Final Year. B.Pharm 28/02/2012
2 Dr.V.S.Velingkar Professor & HOD KMK College of Pharmacy, Mumbai Drug Discovery & Scope of Pharmacy Final Year. B.Pharm 03/03/2012
3 Dr. U.B.Hadkar Professor MET College of Pharmacy, Mumbai Kinetics & Thermodynamics First Year. B.Pharm 03/03/2012
4 Mr.Amol Achrekar Community Pharmacist, Public Health Department Concept and scope of Pharmacy Recruitment, related to Government sector Third & Final Year. B.Pharm 17/03/2013
5 Dr. Evans Coutinho Professor Bombay College of Pharmacy, Mumbai NSAIDs Steroid Stereo chemistry Final Year. B.Pharm Third B.Pharm 04/03/2014
6 Dr. S. Y. Gabhe Professor Bharthi Vidyapeeth Poona College of Pharmacy, Pune Structural Elucidation Final Year. B.Pharm 08/02/2014
7 Dr. A.H.Hosmani Asst Professor Govt. College of Pharmacy, Ratnagiri Colloids Physics of Tablet Compression First Year. B.Pharm Third Year. B.Pharm 11/03/2016
8 Dr. P. B. Shamkuwar Asst Professor Govt. College of Pharmacy, Ratnagiri Evaluation of QC of Drugs of natural origin Ayurvedic Formulation Third Year. B.Pharm Final Year. B.Pharm 11/03/2016
9 Dr. I.D. Gonjari Asst Professor Govt. College of Pharmacy, Ratnagiri Interfacial Phenomenon Compartment Modeling S.Y.B.Pharm Final Year. B.Pharm 11/03/2016
10 Dr. P. B. Shamkuwar Asst Professor Govt. College of Pharmacy, Ratnagiri IIPER in ASU Drug Herb – Drug Interaction Final Year. B.Pharm 11/03/2016
11 Dr. K G. Mhatre Asst Professor ACS College, Lanja Medicinal Plant Staff 22/06/2016
12 Dr. K R.Chavan Asst Professor & Vice Principal ACS College, Lanja NAAC Aspects Staff 22/06/2016
13 Dr. H.V. Chavan Asst Professor Athalye Sapre College, Devrukh Configuration, Chirality and Plane of Symmetry Second Year. B.Pharm 13/08/2016
14 Mr.Vishal Deshmukh Team leader Tata consultancy services, Mumbai Industrial insight of Pharmacovigilance Final Year. B.Pharm 20/08/2016
15 Mr. Sachin G Lokapure M.D.,Saglo Reaserch Equipment Miraj, Asst.Professor , Appasaheb Birnale College of Pharmacy, Sangali Indian Patent System- An Overview Demonstration Of Some Novel Research Equipment. Final Year. B.Pharm 01/10/2016
16 Dr.S.N. Kashid Nominee CPCSCA Delhi. M.Sc. Applied Biology and Toxicology General aspects of laboratories animals handlings Third year B.Pharm, Second Year. B.Pharm 06/03/2017
17 Mrs. Ashwini Shigwan Asst. Professor Govindrao Nikam College of Pharmacy, Sawarde Problems of analytical methods and calculations in Pharma analysis Second Year. B.Pharm 18/04/2017
Sr.No Academic Year No. of Guest Lectures No. of Seminar Organized No. of Workshops Organized
1 2016-2017 06 01 02
2 2015-2016 05 01 01
3 2014-2015 02 01 -
4 2013-2014 01 - -
5 2012-2013 03 - -

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